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Creating your own account helps you to place an ad on AutoTrader. To create an account go to sign up.
It is important to complete all search fields in order for your ads to appear correctly on the ad page, we have created search field for each page and category to make all searches more user-friendly.
We found that people who use our site have decided on the exact car they want to buy, and their budget, so to make things easy we have kept our single make/model, minimum and maximum price search, so you can go straight through to the right car first time. The region fields will help you to search by region and sub-regions within Ghana.
It's free to register on AutoTrader. You don't need to register to use the main search area, however, things like placing an advert or adding vehicles to your account mean we need to know who you are, so registering is needed. AutoTrader will not share your details with anyone else though. In the unlikely event that you discover a 'bug', glitch or something wrong with the site, please use the feedback form provided - we really do read every piece of feedback and we appreciate your help.
We do not charge commission on vehicles sold. All you have to do is inform us or go to your account to mark the vehicle as sold.
The price per vehicle please see create an ad on the front page for prices. Payment can be made see payment option.
Much as we try as much as possible to keep all the prices and availability of vehicles up to date, vehicle pricing is subject to change without notice. Actual price may vary; installed options may also vary by dealer. Check with the vehicle dealer or seller to confirm what is included in the final price such as applicable license fees, insurance, registration, tax, freight/delivery, etc. As this may vary depending upon the final price and terms agreed upon between you and the Vehicle Dealer or Seller. Make sure you contact the Dealer or Seller for final pricing and availability.
Online AutoTrader is an Internet-based automobile information Service Company based in Ghana. Please click on About Us link to get more details or you may contact us for any inquiries.
If you cannot locate your desired car, please submit your inquiry by clicking the “Get Notifications” menu link. Cars are always coming on the market.
To get more details regarding the condition of the car, please contact the seller and request for details or an opportunity to view the car. The seller's name or contact is available next to the photo of the car you want. Please click the contact tab.
Please click the contact tab to see the telephone contact of the owner or seller. Call and ask if the vehicle is still available.
Please contact the seller directly. AutoTrader is just an advertising platform that links the buyer and seller.
You do not pay to AutoTrader. You pay to the used car dealer or private seller who owns the vehicle you intend to purchase. The method & terms of payment may differ from one dealer/seller to the other. Please consult the dealers/sellers you are buying from for their payment procedures and terms.
AutoTrader used car dealers are companies in Ghana that sell their used or new cars through the website Auto Trader. While we do not give guarantee for sales through the website, the car dealers are legally existing companies here in Ghana. It is important that you get detailed information about the car you want to buy before you pay. It is the responsibility of the buyer and seller to take necessary precautions. However, we endeavor to ensure the quality of the website AutoTrader
Vehicles on AutoTrader are not graded because most of them are running daily on the road. As such, their condition changes from time to time. More than 95% of all vehicles are sold in an "as is" condition. We advise that you get a technical person to check the vehicle before you buy it.
AutoTrader runs as a business to business platform for linking Ghana's car dealers/sellers with buyers. Vehicles available on AutoTrader are owned by car dealers and private sellers.
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